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How Can I Join A Band?

There are so many great bands out there that started from somewhere but picked up people along the way to work with. This is almost the story for every band.

A band is like a race, by this I mean you don’t necessarily finish with the people that you start with.

This is obviously a good thing for somebody interested in joining a band already in existence.

In this post I’ll walk you through how you can go about joining a band.

I hope you find this info use.

With that said, how can I join a band?

Skill set

The best way to join a band is have a unique skill set that is sought after.

If you’re a musician, you have your own unique attributes that make you, you.

If you’re an instrument player, you have your own unique attributes that separate you from the rest.

Therefore, nurture and sharpen your skills and become good at something.

Once you get really good at something, you’ll be able to join a band by leveraging your skillset.

This will improve your odds.

Play an instrument

I just discussed skillset above and I’m going to break it down a bit with regard to instruments.

Learn an instrument and you’ll become valuable and finding a band to join won’t be that easy.

Bands are made up of people who sometimes are not available to play gigs.

If you know how to play a specific instrument you can easily be used as a replacement by band, in times that call for that.

This can be a great way to get into a band.

There are various instruments out there and your job is to find one that you have interest in.

Be a songwriter

Being a songwriter is such an underrated skill but you’d be surprised at just how much songwriters are sought after.

Writing music is not easy. This therefore makes it a very unique skill.

So Learn how to make songs and learn how to write them.

Approaching a band will be easier if you have something to offer like maybe, Songs…

If you have great written songs, it will be easy for you to get recognised and noticed.

This way you’ll be able to separate yourself from the noise and be unique in your own way.

Finding a band

Here are some ways to Join a band

Make great music

The first way indirect way of joining a band is simply making great music and making sure it’s heard by the right people.

Most people never get the chance to get together with bands because they’re too busy undermining their talents.

Don’t be that person.

Rather than sitting and doing nothing, start making great music and start building a following.

You’ll easily get noticed by bands in that way.

Plus, having a following is such a useful thing to have because any band out there is always looking to have new fans.

If you join a band, you bring and introduce your following to the band.

No band is going to turn you down.

Reach out to people

Outreach is important for someone trying to breakthrough in the world of music.

If you have bands in mind that you want to join, don’t be afraid to walk up to them and tell them you want to join.

There’s no harm in doing that.

The more bands you can reach out to, the more you improve your chances of joining one.

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. Introduce yourself, get to know people and the rest will follow.

Use social media

Social media is an underrated tool but it can get you behind doors that you thought you couldn’t even reach.

Follow the band you want to join online and DM them.

Don’t flood them with your music just yet.

Build rapport first and explain to them what you do.

After that you can then ask to join the band.

Attend gigs

Another great way of joining a band is attending gigs like concerts and finding a way to get back stage so you can introduce yourself.

This is not always easy but can be quite effective.

It’s always helpful to know someone that can help you get back stage or at least get a face to face with the band.


Networking with the right people can help you get access to a lot of bands.

Therefore, its in your best interest to find someone that can connect you to bands.

It’s all about building relationships in the music business.

Relationships can get you far.

How Can I Join A Band?
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