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Is Piano Easier Than Guitar?

As a beginner music producer picking the right instrument is very vital and helpful to your process.

The piano and guitar are a good place to start but it’s always helpful to understand which is easier between the two.

A piano is much easier to play and learn compared to guitar because with piano all you have to do is press a key and sound will be generated, you won’t have to do any tuning to get the sound you want. Plus the keys on a piano are linear making it easier for you to handle complex compositions.

Furthermore, with a piano you can learn how to play by ear but with a guitar there are a lot more technical things you need to grasp before you can play.

Is piano or guitar better?

The piano is better instrument in terms of ease. It is an instrument that can be easily practiced on, with very little technical difficult.

Granted music theory is a diverse topic with a lot of things to understand, but it can easily be put into practice on a piano.

This makes it the better instrument in terms of how quickly one can adapt to it and start practicing.

Can piano be self taught?

You can learn the piano purely by yourself relying solely on your efforts. So long as you’re dedicated and can source good learning material such as music theory and piano books that can be your guiding principle on your pursuit.

The major downside with self education is that it calls for discipline and the will to actually put in the work and learn the craft.

If you can study theory and practice on a piano often, you can easily pick up the basics that can help you further your skill.

Should you learn piano or guitar first?

If you have the option to choose whether to learn piano or guitar. You’re better off starting out with the piano first so you can understand chord formations, melodies and harmonies.

After you have this understanding you can then look to get started on a guitar with the basic knowledge that you have gathered on piano.

Furthermore, learning the piano first is much more ideal because most Digital Audio Workstations utilize digital instruments that have a piano interface.

How long does it take to master piano?

When you take piano training seriously, you can develop good playing skills within a year. The basics of music theory will have sunk in, in about a year.

Mastering the piano on the other hand would take as long as 2 – 3 years if you practice frequently and have access to good training.

Experts in various fields say it takes around 10,000 hours to master a skill, you can use this number as you go about your piano training.

Don’t be discouraged that it may take too long,

When it comes to mastering a skill, it depends on how quickly an individual is able to pick up skills and put them into practice.

What type of guitar is the easiest to learn?

The easiest guitar to learn is an electronic guitar because it is easier to play and the strings are much thinner which makes them easier to press.

The second option for a beginner is an acoustic steel guitar which is good to learn the basics that can be applied on a variety of acoustic guitars.

Can guitar be self taught?

Guitar can be self taught when you approach it the right way which is getting a basic understanding of music theory (Notes, keys, chords, intervals, scales and modes) first,

then getting into various finger exercises to loosen you up, and then practicing your theory.

It was harder to self teach yourself guitar in the old days but now, the internet has made it much easier and you have access to a lot of information and resources that can be your helping hand as you go along this journey.

what is the hardest guitar to play?

Classical guitars are pretty difficult to play because a person has to know how to read music and be familiar with orchestration.

Furthermore, they have wider necks which makes it harder to play chords because the distance between the top and bottom fret is quite long.

Also, high tension guitars that have over 10 strings like the Fender Strat can be harder to play for a beginner because their finger muscles would be greatly stretched.

Why is the guitar so hard to learn?

Guitar can pose a challenge to learn because it quite complex and technical and can cause a lot of strain on the fingers.

Furthermore, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of getting used to because of its complexity.

Things like changing chords poses a lot of challenges for most newbies I encounter, plus string skipping can also be quite difficult to get used to and requires a lot of practice.

is it harder to learn piano when you’re older?

The piano is a less complex instrument because you can easily learn its basics through practice.

It doesn’t matter what age a person is, they can still learn how to play piano.

Is Piano Easier Than Guitar?
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