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What Is The Best Month To Release An Album?

As an artist, releasing music is an important aspect of your overall career. Also, knowing when to release your albums is very important.

Music is a business and releases are affected by various things, therefore one has to know the appropriate time to release albums so they avoid doing so at the wrong time. Because it could lead to the album being badly received.

You may be wondering then, what is the best month to release an album?

The best months to release an album are January, February, June, November and December. These are months when most people are generally in the mood to hear some new music the most. You can capitalize on these months by having releases ready.

There are a various reasons why the months above are the best to release music and this post will discuss these reasons so you have a better understanding.

It’s Important to know that you should always release your music when there’s enough market appetite for new music.

And enough attention span available from your fans so they can be sure to buy your offering.

Open dialogue with your fans can help you make adjustments to release dates.

Most of the times, your fans will let you know when they need new music from you.

But if you’re looking to drop an album you want to target all your possible clientele beyond your fans which is why the following months are the best time to release an album.


January is the first month of the year and a great month to release an album.

Your fans will be eager for something new. Giving them an album is a great way to satisfy that eagerness.

With a new year, Most people have their resolutions set and January marks the beginning of a new year. This is a good time to have your album out.

People will still be in a giving mood because Christmas is still in the air and new year celebrations still on going for the most part.

January is a month you can capitalize in especially if you have a solid plan.

For example, you could release your album on the 1st of January at midnight as a way for your fans to enter the new year with your new material.

The fact is you can spin a number of marketing tactics to push any sort of narrative that can work with the new year.


February is another good month to drop your music, Most pop albums are released in February because it is mostly known as the month of love because the 14th is valentines day.

But in as much as it’s a month of love, you can come up with a decent marketing strategy to deliver your album in February.

Also, some people go on vacations in February which grants you the opportunity to deliver your music to them while they’re in the mood to relax and unwind. Presenting some music for them can be a great idea.


June is another great month that you could release your album in.

Basically, June is the middle of a year and people will have adjusted enough and some may have realised their resolutions.

For the most part, Most people also have second half of the year resolutions and will look at June as a point for a fresh start because half of the year is gone and the second half of the year has gone by.

June can be a great month to release your project and can be a kick-start way for your fans to begin their second half of their year.


November is the prep month for December and most people are in a buying frenzy during this period.

Most people know that November is a purchasing month, therefore releasing an album In this month can help you achieve more sales.

Also people have a tendency to buy a lot of music in the ending months of the year because most artist’s that may have been sitting on a lot of music at the start of the year will be eager to release it.

You can capitalize on the hope for new music.

In addition, most artists don’t release a lot of in September and October so most people will be eager and in the mood for some new music.


December is another month known for people spending on different items mostly in readiness for Christmas.

You could plan a release for December taking into account the vast customer spending that happens in December.

It being a holiday month is a good thing because most people will be on holiday and will be less reluctant to buying music.

When not to release an album

The months discussed above are great for music album releases but it’s worth it to mention that,

there are various situations that can occur at any time that can make it not convenient to release your music.

Therefore let’s get into when no to release an album.

Catastrophic times

Catastrophic events such as the Covid 19 virus break out is surely not a good time to put out music.

Especially when the infected number of people is large. The world is usually only worried about staying safe and away from harm in such situations.

There attention is on the Catastrophic event. Therefore avoid releasing your music in such times because 80% of the time, it won’t do well.

They’ll be very few people even interested in music when in the midst of a  catastrophe.

You can release your music when the panic and worry reduce.

Major events

Sometimes major events happen that could make an album release inconvenient.

For example, an election happening in your country would be the wrong time to drop new music or a new album.

Because everyone’s attention would be on the election which would very little people that would want to actually listen to your album.

Therefore timing is everything. Be sure to release your album when it’s convenient for your fans. Otherwise it would prove difficult.

What Is The Best Month To Release An Album?
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