Month: May 2021

What Are FET Compressors Good For?

There exist different types of compressors and they all have their specific application tailored into their design. Field Effect Transistor or FET compressors emulate a tube-style compression which is known for adding warmth to sounds. FET compressors are good for drums, bass, guitar, vocals and everything else that needs aggression and punch, this is because […]

Rapidly Improve Your Mixes With These 10 Tips!

Mixing makes up a huge part of music production and is one of the main ingredients. To succeed in music production; skill-wise, you need to sharpen and elevate your mixing game in order to create radio-ready music, ready for mass consumption. There exist various mixing techniques, we all mix differently and there is no such […]

What Is The Difference Between Saturation And Distortion?

Music production concepts and techniques are a lot and some times distinguishing between two or more may be a challenge especially for a beginner. Saturation and distortion are two very handy tools in music production. The main confusion surrounding the two is people often want to know the difference between them because they don’t know that […]

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