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Month: August 2021

Can An Artist Release Music Without A Record Label?

Record labels can be an essential part of a musicians career. However, the world has shifted and most independent artist’s have the ability to now do well on their own without really relying on a record deal and the like. This then leaves the question, Can an artist release music without a record label? Musicians […]

Are Major Labels Dying?

The robust nature of the Internet has put most industries at either an advantage or disadvantage to carry out their business. The music industry is one of the industries that relies on the Internet…..but record deals have come into question because most artist’s are pretty much able to carry out their own promotion, marketing, branding […]

Do Music Producers Work For Record Labels?

Music producers are the people behind the creation of the record from simply idea, to a full fledged song. There’s always confusion surrounding producers and how they actually work. One of the questions I run into is “Do music producers work for record lables?” The short version of the answer is this; Unless the music […]

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