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Can You Use Gaming Headphones For Music Production?

Headphones are a tricky subject when it comes to music production, specifically audio engineering. Most people make the mistake in assuming that they can use all headphones like gaming headphones for music production, but this is not the case at all. This post will discuss whether gaming headphones can be used in music production. Most […]

Do You Need A Sound Card For Music Production?

Most music producers can agree that figuring out what gear and specs you need for music production can be quite challenging. When I first start making beats, I relied on a laptop that had an in built sound card. It was difficult to work with for recording, mixing and mastering. As I got better and […]

How Much Storage Do I Need For Music Production?

Improvements in technology allow us to basically handle all music production processes on our computers. It is a well known fact that you need to have adequate storage space as a music producer in order to handle and keep all your projects and other necessary things that you need for your processes. So how much […]

What Is A Control Room In A Recording Studio?

Anyone that may be looking to get into music production or has been a music producer for a reasonable amount of time has probably come across the term “control room” before. A control room in a recording studio is a room where music producers, technicians, sound engineers, record engineers and mastering engineers manage their various music […]

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