Does Band Name Matter?

Music bands have been in existence for decades and we know them by their band names. In this article I’m going to address whether a band name matters or not because let’s face it, coming up with a band name is no the easiest thing. And you definitely don’t want to spend time coming up… Continue reading Does Band Name Matter?

How Can I Join A Band?

There are so many great bands out there that started from somewhere but picked up people along the way to work with. This is almost the story for every band. A band is like a race, by this I mean you don’t necessarily finish with the people that you start with. This is obviously a… Continue reading How Can I Join A Band?

What Causes Ear Fatigue?

If you’ve ever been sitted at your mixing desk for long periods of time then you’ve problem encountered ear fatigue. It’s quite a discomfort and will usually make any task uncomfortable. A lot of people experience ear fatigue, even those that don’t produce music so don’t worry too much… This post will discuss the various… Continue reading What Causes Ear Fatigue?

Become A Self-Taught Music Producer With These 9 Tips

There’s no better feeling that figuring out something on your own. Most music producers that I work with are people that relied on themselves to learn the art of music production. Music production can easily be self taught if you have the right drive and motive to actually want to learn it. Most forums on… Continue reading Become A Self-Taught Music Producer With These 9 Tips