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How Do Music Producers Get Attention?

For music producers to be able to make a living, they need to find clients. These clients can then provide them with earning opportunities by calling upon their services.

Therefore, it’s very important that a music producer know the various techniques to employ so they can get noticed. Exposure and being known is a very vital and key element in the music production business.

This post will discuss the various ways in which a music producer can get noticed and how you can ensure that people know your work as a music producer.

Quality of work

To get noticed as a music producer, your work needs to be of high quality.

There’s a lot of music out there being promoted and pushed that is of low quality, therefore to stand out, you have to be unique.

It is therefore important to Invest in your craft, make sure your knowledge base goes deep and ensure that you have the actual skill set to do brilliant work.

Organic growth is always possible for music producers, the only catch is that; their work has to be generally acceptable and enjoyed.

Pro Tip: To improve the quality of your work, study commercial hits. Have a look at the songs that are trending and topping the charts. Study these songs and do your best to implement some of the production work being utilized in these songs. It could be beat selection, mixing techniques, mastering techniques, arrangement etc.

Working with artists

The duties of a music producer involve handling the production side of things. The only way that your work gets attention is by working with artists.

This is why it’s important to collaborate with a lot artists, it doesn’t matter whether they are commercially successful or not. Do your best to work with as many as possible.

Just take into account the quality of the music that the artist is capable of making with your help, because you don’t need low quality artists.

They can easily ruin your reputation.

Collaboration can be very helpful especially if the quality of your work is good because word about you can easily spread.

This is very important because you need brand awareness to get noticed.

Therefore ensure that you get properly credited for your work (always stipulate this in your contracts).

Pro Tip: Build chemistry with an artist that does well with the particular sound you’re accustomed to as the producer. Collaborate with them as often as possible and build a good working relationship. Building a sound with somebody is one of the best ways a producer get noticed. A signature sound is always unique. Being unique is a great selling point in the music business.

Producer Collaboration

Another great mode of collaboration that we cannot leave our of this discussion is producer collaboration.

As a music producer, one of the easiest ways to get noticed is to collaborate with other music producers on projects.

This can help bring awareness to your brand. Working with others guarantees you a fair share of attention from your collaborators clients, fans and overall audiences.

Therefore it will be up to you to seek out opportunistic collaborations that can be a win-win for both you and the collaborator.

You can use various channels to seek out these collaborations and the internet has even made it easier to do so.

Pro Tip: Build several social media accounts and engage with various music producers. Online communities are also great for collaboration. For example Looperman has a lot of music producers that showcase their work and are mostly willing to collaborate.

Industry connections

Music industry connections are very vital to the advancement of any musical career. One effective way you can leverage industry connections is by using them to collaborate with commercially successful artists.

It’s not always easy to do, but can yield great results when it carried out well.

Therefore build connections as much as possible and do so intentionally.

Getting attention within the industry will work very well for you.

Pro Tip: Industry connections include A&Rs, artist managers, producer managers, record label executives  etc. Knowing a few people with these credentials can really help you get noticed and properly produce records for big artists.

Hit Records

Hit songs play a very vital role in the music industry and it pays to make them.

As a music producer, your job is to capitalize on good records and do the best job you can.

You as the producer have the potential to make an impact on a record. You can easily turn what would have been a bad song into a great record that can be a hit song.

Producing hit records is a great way to get noticed and get attention as a music producer. Nothing makes a great statement than having a great song.

Pro Tip: Hit songs are generally very unique and can be crafted by understanding the common traits that can be found in most hit records. Follow this link and learn what makes a hit song.

Social Media

A heavy social media presence is another factor that can positively influence your reputation and bring you attention as a music producer.

Social media used the right way can help you get noticed and even build a great following. Therefore don’t underestimate it’s power.

Create content, engage with people, network and you’ll do just fine on social media.

Pro Tip: Facebook is a great platform to build an audience, I’d rank it as number one. Twitter and Instagram are good too. It helps to have social media accounts on various social platforms.

Final Thoughts

Getting noticed as a music producer is a job that requires your utmost effort and dedication.

Make great music and nurture your artist relationships. Also network and build some industry connections that can help you along your way.

Use social platforms to create content and give value to your audience. You can also host producer workshops and networking events to get your brand out there.

Networking can even be done on a podcast. Just plan out your content and invite some great guests on your show. This can really help your brand and bring awareness to it.

How Do Music Producers Get Attention?
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