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Do Music Producers Travel A Lot?

Being a music producer is a career that calls on your dedication and passion . It is an all involving career that is quite competitive and your unique ability to produce will make you stand out.

As a career, a lot of new music producers usually ask the question of whether music producers do get to travel a lot. This is a valid question because having a good understanding of any career path is important and very key to a person’s decision making.

With that said, Do music producers travel a lot?

Music producers with the means and the reputation do get to travel a lot because their unique abilities are sought after. Most successful commercial producers do speak of travelling a lot in their interviews due to the fact that most musical artists want producers to be part of their sessions.

But if you’re just starting out, don’t worry about travelling alot, I’d focus my energy and crafting my skill. Travelling is an after effect of hard work and great skill. So if this is a career you’re interested in, go for it.

Sometimes your means will allow you to travel a lot even though you haven’t built up enough reputation and that’s okay.

This post will dive into why music producers travel, so keep reading so you have a better understanding about this career.

Artist-Producer relationships

In the music industry, a music producer should always aim to have and create a solid relationship with an artist and build a sound with them.

With that said, most music producers do travel because of the relationships they have with artists. Sometimes the artist may be in a totally different state or country and may easily call up the producer to join them for a session.

For example 40 and Drake are the best artist-producer duo there is in hip-hop.

40 as the producer does get to travel because he works on almost every Drake project which means he has to travel when the need calls for it.

My point is, if you have a good relationship with artists they can easily call you up and get you on a plane to link up with them and work on some music.

This is very common, especially if you’re working with an artist or artists that have attained a certain level of fame.


Another reason why music producers travel can be due to collaboration.

Granted, collaboration via email can be great but sometimes music producers choose to travel so they can collaborate and network with other producers.

Travelling is a good way to share a session with other talented people because the creative energy will be around and ideas can easily be shared without having to go back and forth over email.

Usually, producers with the means will do a lot of travel to recording studios and may get the chance to even work with some artists which is great because it could lead to many other opportunities.

Session Call ins

Another reason music producers travel may be due to session call ins.

Most of the times successful artists working in recording studios may want to collaborate with music producers.

In such situations, a music producer may be called to attend and be in a session so they can provide support either by providing beats or other technical production services.

These session call ins are quite popular, especially when an artist is working on an album. This is because they may need to share their ideas with producers in order to get some feedback as well as help in the process.

Support for artists

Music producers also travel to support artists that they have close relationships with. The support may be; appearing in music videos, showing up for the artist on tour etc.

In such situations, the producer would need to be a well recognized brand as well as a person with a following such that their presence actually makes a good impact on the artists brand.

This sort of support is built on years of working together and developing an industry relationship as well as one outside the industry.

It can be a great way to contribute positively to an artist’s work.

Opportunity hunts

As a music producer, the nature of your job is to be behind the music while the artist or musician takes center stage.

Therefore to put yourself out there, you have to work a little harder and do your best to be known and become recognized.

Therefore music producers do travel to network and basically work but they also travel to seek out opportunities on the road.

Travelling is essential because you could meet several artists, managers, A&R’s and  producers that you could build relationships with to help your career propel forward.

Do Music Producers Travel A Lot?

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