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What Are The Advantages Of Being A Music Producer?

Being a music producer is considered one of the toughest jobs because it involves a lot of work that may require ones full attention.

This is true for most main stream producers that are signed to labels working full time as well as independent producers working with no label.

While it maybe an involving job,

it doesn’t take away from the fact that music production can be a fun job if you’re really passionate about it.

I’m of the belief that you do not get into a career like music if you don’t really have a passion for it.

In this post I’ll go over some of the great benefits that come with being a music producer.

These advantages apply to all music producers of all genres.

Here are the advantages of being a music producer:

Good source of Income

Music production can be a great source of income and a way to earn passively too.

Working with artists allows you to charge them for studio time and production fees, but it doesn’t end there.

Since a music producer owns part of the rights to a song,

they are entitled to receive royalties for every time the song is sold or played on public radio or subscription streaming services.

For example; producer that produces for 10 artists will be able to receive his publishing cheques consistently for so long as the songs are generating revenue.

This is a passive flow of income that can allow you to sit back and let your money roll in.

Builds brand Awareness

Being a music producer builds awareness around your brand.

Having a good reputable brand can be a source of new clientele which means more income can come to you.

Furthermore being well recognized comes with a lot of perks and can allow you to make connections that can bring you things like endorsement deals.

Most mainstream music producer make money from working with other brands.

Brand awareness can give you this.

Gives you Access to Unreleased Music

Being a music producer gives you access to Unreleased music.

This can allow you to plan for the future and execute your moves more precisely.

Any access to Unreleased music you get,

allows you to see which direction music is taking and the kind of marketing several artists are doing to improve their content.

You get to travel

Travel is one luxury that comes with being a music producer.

It’s not always that artists will show up on your doorsteps, sometimes they’ll ask that you follow them.

This gives you access to new places and an opportunity to get away from it all.

Inspiration of being in another location is one perk that comes with travelling and visiting different places.

Read more about music producers travelling here

You get to help people achieve their goals

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Music production allows you to be part of something bigger than yourself.

You’ll be able to help alot of people achieve their goals and this can reflect back on you and actually bring you more artists to work with.

Other than that, being in service of others will do good for your brand and people will associate you with your good deeds.

You get to make connections

The travelling and constant working with a variety of people allows you to make connections with various individuals.

This is great because it gives you alot perspective from different people of different backgrounds.

Furthermore, New connections can lead to new business which can roll in more cash to you.

Connections can also send you referrals that can become new associates and new partners.

Connections also give you an opportunity to new ventures and can open a lot of doors for you.

You get pursue your passion

Music production is a passion driven business which means being a music producer will help you do what you love to do.

This will bring you satisfaction and keep you working hard at your craft.


Being a music producer can help you influence others in music and inspire other music producers.

Trend trading

Music Production is a business in which all players are driven by trends and keep up with them.

Being a music producer requires working with various people that come from different places,

this can allow you to have access to what is trending in various areas and this can keep you up to date.

Being up to trends can give you great insight and possibly inspire you to do something different.


Collaboration with various artists and musicians is great because it exposes you to a lot of knowledge.

Being a music producer doesnt mean you’ll only get to work with artists.

You’ll be able to work with content creators, other producers, instrumentalists, sound engineers, music lawyers etc.

Having all these connections because of collaboration gives you access to a wealth of information.

Information is power in this day and age and it can help you excel even further.

New industry entry

Through exposure by working with a variety of people, opportunities arise.

Being a music producer can expose you to industries like the film industry,

where you can learn a lot and get an opportunity to get work and get some income.

Emotional outlet

Being a music producer allows you to have an outlet for your emotions and you can easily translate them into your music.

Almost all art carries with it the emotion of the artist.

Therefore making music can be liberating for you.

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