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What Is A Vocal Chop And Where Can I Find Them?

Vocal chops have become so popular due to the fact that they are now a major part of almost every genre.

Gone are the days when EDM and Techno were the top vocal chop utilizing genres.

With vocal engine virtual instruments like Output Arcade and Exhale, every genre has now become part of the vocal sample and vocal chop culture.

By definition, a vocal chop is a piece/fragment of a vocal that is processed to create melodic or percussive elements with vocal properties.

They are used because of the catchy effect they give to the listener and their overall melodic properties added to the music to create an infectious feel.

Where can I find vocal chops?

If you’re not particularly sure about how to make Vocal Chops on your own, don’t worry.

There exists tons of resources online where you can get vocal chops to use in your music.

Here’s a list of websites that you can purchase and download vocal chops from:


This is a website that is specialled in giving music producers tools for production.

Cymatics is the number one site that provides a variety of VST presets, royalty free sample packs, loop kits, midi kits, melody kits, and vocal chop packs.

This is a great website because not only do they offer premium services, but they also have a stock of FREE downloads.

They are quite unmatched!

Visit the official Cymatics website.


Landr is another great platform that can provide you with some high quality vocal chops.

This website is a creative platform for musicians and producers.

Their services include: audio mastering, digital distribution, collaboration, promotion, and sample packs!

The good part is they let you try out Landr for free once you sign up, which means you can test drive some things before you make any premium purchase decisions.

Visit the Official Landr Website


Samplephonics is a great website that provides tools for creators that facilitate creativity.

They have a variety of samples that you can easily purchase on their website.

If you’re looking for great vocal chops that don’t fall into the mediocre category, this is definitely the place to go.

Visit the official Samplephonics Website


Looperman is a community type of website for all creators,

this website has a wide variety of samples, loops, vocal chops and many other sounds that can be used in audio production.

Looperman is open to everyone that is either looking to upload their own sounds or just look for sounds to use.

This site has a lot of free downloads and you can easily get into contact with various creators all over the globe if you wish to work with them.

Visit the official Looperman Website

Angelic Vibes

This is a great premium resource that focuses on creating the best vocal content that can be used in a variety of genres.

All their samples are BPM and key labelled which makes it easy for you to simply navigate to the particular sample you want.

They have a great offer for users that subscribe to their email list.

Visit the official Angelic Vibes Website


Noiiz is one of the leading sample pack provider,

I’ve used their products for a long time and I can attest to the fact that they

have great quality sounds.

You can easily navigate the site to basically pick which ever sound pack you

feel serves your needs to their full extent.

Visit the official Noiiz Website


Splice is a great platform that has made its name for being the most

consistent and for providing sounds to legendary producers.

Samples are available for a variety of genres and they are moderately priced.

the great news about splice is that they have most of the leading top

producers in the world that they work with to create industry quality sounds.

Visit the official Splice Website

Sample Swap

Sample swap is also another great resource where you can find numerous sound packs and sample packs with vocal chops.

The founder of sampleswap listens to each and every upload from the

community and chooses whether to include them to their collection.

This website can be a great place to inquire more on sound packs and basically build conversation with numerous creators.

Visit the official Sample Swap Website


Loop Masters have been around for a very long time and they have certain

built up authority in the music production tools business.

They literally have tens of thousands of samples that anyone can purchase

including vocal samples that can be used a variety of genres.

Loopmasters definitely deserves a visit if you’re planning to purchase some high quality vocal sounds for your music.

Visit the official Loop Masters Website

Producer loops

Producer loops is the one of the largest distributors of downloads for musicians,

DJ’s, producers, recording studios, film/soundtrack producers and basically anyone interested in creative freedom.

they have a great team focused on providing only the best sample packs,

musical loops, and various tools any creator would need to create their own unique sound.

This is definitely a website to visit!

Visit the official Producer Loops Website.

ADSR Sounds

This is another valuable resource that stocks some of the best samples online.

Plus, They offer a variety of sounds and a good deal on them.

For every purchase you make, they reward you with “Credit”.

You can redeem your credit with samples and loops.

Visit the official ADSR Sounds Website

Best VSTs for Vocal Chops

If you’re looking for a vocal engine that can allow you to tailor your vocal

chops to suit your specific needs you can try out these two amazing products

from Output.


Output exhale offers you a variety of vocal oriented instruments that you can edit to fit a specific criteria.

The possibilities are limitless with this VST.

Try Exhale NOW!


Output Arcade is the brother to Output Exhale, it is also a modified vocal

engine able to customise vocals to suit any particular needs.

The limits only lie with the user, Arcade is an amazing tool and one of the best purchases I’ve made.

Get Output Arcade Now!

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What Is A Vocal Chop And Where Can I Find Them?

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