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What VST’s Does Metro Boomin’ Use?

Metro boomin’ is a hiphop/trap music producer that is popular in the music industry today.

His production style is mainly hiphop which is characterized by heavy baselines, 808 kicks and melodies.

Most music producers like myself look up to people like Metro because he has done well for himself and his production style is absolutely excellent…. as far as trap music goes, his one of the Atlanta rappers that have pioneered the southern trap sound to spread it across the entire music industry.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I run into from newbie music producers is:

“What VSTs does metro boomin use?

This post will therefore, focus on the various plugins that are used by Metro Boomin’.

Therefore continue reading as I discuss the secret sauce.

With that said, below are the VSTs commonly used by Metro Boomin


Omnishpere is a powerful tool that almost ever new age producer keeps as part of their production arsenal.

It boasts over 12,000 sounds that will allow you to be as creative as you can be.

Its developed by a company called Spectronics and is a powerhouse synthesizer.

Most people are put off because it is quite pricey but I can assure you that Omnisphere is worth every penny because as far as synthesizers go, very few can compete with it.


Nexus is developed by a company called REFX, it is a VST popularly used by most Electronic Dance Music producers but that is not to say; that is the only genre to which its functionality is limited to.

Producers like Metro Boomin’ are known to use this VST and most nexus sounds can be spotted in several of the producer’s records.

The older version of Nexus has been around for a decade and is still one of my go-to VST plugins. The never version called Nexus 3 is also available on the market and can be purchased on the Refx official website.

With that said, if you’re looking to stock up on what the professionals use…. Nexus will be a great addition to your VST library.

Gross Beat

Gross Beat is a Time Manipulation tool that is used by most music producers to create various time manipulation effects into their beats.

Metro boomin’ has been known to speak about implementing this into his overall workflow. Various gross beat effects can also be noted in most of his production work.

Grossbeat is an FL Studio stock effect VST plugin.


Halftime is a newer time manipulation VST that has been born out of necessity. Half time is one of the time effect presets that can be found in gross beat.

It basically does what its name suggests which is manipulating audio making two bars into four.

Halftime is a plugin created by Cableguys and Metro boomin is a user of the halftime plugin…. Mostly on melodies to give them a dark dramatic feel.


Serum by XFER records is another plugin that is heavily used by Metro Boomin. Most of the sounds and presets in his music can be traced back to Serum as the source.

It is a diverse plugin that is often times used for sound design purposes because of the fact that is primarily meant for this purpose.

Electra X

Electra X is another powerful synthesizer that is commonly used in modern, urban hiphop mainly called Trap Music.

This Plugin is developed by Tone2 and is suitable for Hiphop, Lofi, Trap and EDM.

Metro Boomin’ uses Electra X in most of production and sounds from this plugin can be notably heard if you pay close attention.

The only downside for a new music producer is that Electra X is bit expensive. It costs around 200 Euros.


Purity by Luxonix is another good synthesizer which is known for its smooth dreamy airy sounds as well as soft synths, brass, pianos, and hard synths.

This is one of the most popularly used VSTs in the hiphop world due to the fact that it has a number of arpeggios that make it easy for you to start a song.

Metro Boomin is known to use this VST.


Kontakt is another VST that is greatly used by Metro Boomin and it is for the simple fact that it is a wide and diverse plugin host.

Starting off, Kontakt comes with preloaded plugins within that are of a diverse nature and will definitely make an impact on any producers overall sound.

Furthermore, there exist a lot of individual kontakt plugin instruments that are made by 3rd parties as well as Native Instruments itself, which is the company behind Kontakt.

One of the plugin instruments is called Komplete and mostly people confuse it with Kontakt itself… if you want to dig into Komplete and Kontakt; this article has you covered


Last on this list is a plugin called Gladiator which is another great product by Tone2.

Gladiator is one hell of a VST instrument and it us heavily used in the trap hiphop genre as well as other genres like EDM.

Metro Boomin has been known to use this VST plugin in his beats.


In gathering this list of plugins, I discovered that METRO Boomin’ tends to use diverse plugins that are not genre-specific which should speak to the fact that music is a universal language.

If you’re a newbie music producer looking to get into the music industry and are stuck about where to start from with respect to VST Plugins…. The list compiled here can be a great start.

I also gave another list of good VST plugins that are widely used by most Trap Music producers.

With that said, its important to note that music is diverse therefore don’t be too narrow minded when hunting for plugins. Research various genres and the plugins they use because they’ll most likely be applicable to the music you’re trying to produce.

Furthermore, its important to note that Metro Boomin uses FL Studio for beat creation therefore you can start there if you’re also looking for a good Digital AUDIO Workstation.

If you feel you need a comprehensive list of Vst’s to pick from then you can check out this post.

What VST’s Does Metro Boomin’ Use?

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