Beat and Song Making

What Is MIDI?

If you’re into audio production then the term “midi” is something you’ve likely come across. For example Midi Keyboards are everywhere now and you may have wondered what Midi actually is. Not to worry, this post will discuss what exactly midi means and what it is. With that said… What is Midi? First things first, […]

Additive And Subtractive Synthesis (The Difference)

Additive synthesis is a sound synthesis practice that creates timber (tone color or tone quality) by adding sine waves together. On the other hand, Subtractive synthesis is a sound synthesis practice that alters the timber of a sound by using a filter that reduces (attenuates) any sine waves (partials) in a given audio signal. Additive […]

How Can I Protect My Beats From Being Stolen?

The internet is a double edged sword because it has made things easier whilst making other things relatively difficult.  One of its more negative effects is on the music industry; in that, it has made people stealing other peoples intellectual property relatively easy due to illegal downloads. One of the affected parties are beat makers […]

What Does “Sold” Mean In Beats?

If you’re regularly shopping for beats online you obviously have come across “sold” beats. They usually be tagged for example as “*Sold* Rap Instrumental*”. You may have wonder what “sold” actually means when it comes to such beats…. not to worry, this post has you covered. So then, What does “sold” mean in beats? When […]

What VST’s Does Metro Boomin’ Use?

Metro boomin’ is a hiphop/trap music producer that is popular in the music industry today. His production style is mainly hiphop which is characterized by heavy baselines, 808 kicks and melodies. Most music producers like myself look up to people like Metro because he has done well for himself and his production style is absolutely […]

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