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Is Omnisphere Better Than Serum?

There’s a great debate amongst producers about which Plugins are the best,

And usually this greatly depends on the preference of the user.

In this day and age it is challenging picking the right plugins for your DAW especially now that there are over hundreds of plugin stores.

For a beginner, choosing the right plugin is almost an impossible task.

Some of the most famous plugins to rise in the year 2020 are mostly definitely Omnisphere and Serum,

and there have been massive debates in the producer community about which is the best,

This being partly because almost every established producer has mentioned these two plugins in their interviews as their go to plugins,

Omnisphere and Serum have become some of the most sought after plugins.

one of the most asked vst plugin questions from my subscriber list has been to find out which of the two is the better plugin.

While I’d love to answer this question directly, there are particular situations that may favour the use of either one of them.

With that said,

I don’t think one is better and the other one is worse but in my opinion based upon research plus having had the experience using both plugins,

Omnisphere is definitely the better option if you’re going for the availability of a diverse sound library.

Furthermore, most of the sounds in Omnisphere are very versatile which makes it a great plugin for different genres.

Being the only software synth that offers a Hardware synth intergration feature makes it a superior plugin.

especially when you compare it to other synth plugins.

But note that if you’re into Sound Design, I’d recommend you go for Serum instead.

Omnisphere Vs. Serum


As far as plugins go, omnisphere is a particular favourite of mine.

It is developed by a company called Spectrasonics.

This software synth offers a great deal in versatility and offers great power to the user,

Is has become the most relied on by some of the top artists around the world

As far as sound libraries go, omnisphere is a great option as it offers a little over 5400 sound sources.

Also keep in mind that a soundsource can contain hundreds of sounds on its own.

Omnisphere is one of the best romplers out there, compared to nexus.

omnisphere is probably a 100 times better.

With over 10,000 playable patches,

keyboard players are certainly well serviced by this plugin.

You can purchase Omnisphere HERE


I do a lot of sound designing and I’ve used a lot of different plugins but when comes to ease of use,

there isn’t any other plugin I’d recommend other than Serum.

I have been in sound design for a long time, and I believe every sound designer has their own set of preferences,

but if you just got introduced to sound design,

this is the plugin that you might to consider starting on.

Created by Xfer Records, Serum offers a great deal in features that make it the ultimate sound design tool.

It comes equipped with a visually friendly interface, which makes it easy to work in,

For those producers that are not looking to design their own sounds,

Serum comes equipped with a library of high quality sounds that can be easily manipulated.

These high quality digital sounds can easily set you up to produce some of the best sounding music.

One other thing I like about Serum is that, it is beginner friendly when you consider a sound design standpoint.

You’ll also enjoy a great deal of readily available tutorials on how to use serum online,

Plus the Serum community covers a lot of content about the plugin.

You can purchase Serum Here

Omnisphere or Serum?

it is really difficult to pickthe better option.

But there are certain traits that set these two plugins apart,

You could use these differences to see which one might be the better plugin.

Omnisphere offers a gigantic sound library,

but it is pretty expensive (Why are VSTs so expensive? Find out)

as compared to Serum,

therefore if you’re looking for the cheaper option then you would end up buying Serum.

Keep in mind that while Omnisphere might be expensive,

it is a high quality plugin and is definitely worth the money in my experience.

While serum has fewer sounds and pretty much inexpensive,

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for ready made sounds and presets.

If you’re an advanced sound designer then Omnisphere might be very useful to you,

Therefore the decision to pick the best between the two plugins comes down to personal preference .

Is Omnisphere worth the money?

Omnisphere is definitely worth every penny that it costs. It is great value for money.

I’ve used it for years and I’ve never once regretted buying it.

It’s the ultimate synth plugin that works really well in this day and age,

The sounds and presets and the sound design capabilities it offers are great for any producer.

The massive sound library also really makes it a great tool to have and I’ve always considered it a great addition to my plugin arsenal.

Think of Omnisphere as a combination of different types of synth plugins, that’s how much of a great plugin it is.

How expensive is Omnisphere?

Omnisphere costs about $583.

What is omnisphere good for?

Omnisphere is great for all types of music genres,

With its modern sounds, any producer will find this plugin very useful.

I’m a hiphop producer but I am able to switch genres whilst using Omnisphere.

Therefore you’ll find it to be very useful in any genre that you intend to use it for.

Any producer will tell you that sounds transcend from genre to genre,

Omnishpere has indeed proven to be a beast plugin that can work for multiple genres.

How many GB is omnisphere 2?

The complete size really varies,

The steam folder is around 50 Gigabytes, but if you include Moog Tribute and Trillian libraries it brings the total size to about 84 Gigabytes.

The system requirements for Omnisphere are:

  1. A 2.4 gigahertz Dual Core processor or better.
  2. Recommended RAM for Omnisphere is 8Gigabytes of ram or higher.
  3. 64 gigabytes free hard disk space

Is Omnisphere good for hip hop?

Omnisphere is most definitely GREAT for hiphop,

I use it mainly for the genre and I do make switches to other genres pretty easily.

You’ll also find that most successful hiphop producers like Metro Boomin’, Southside, TM88 and many others use omnishpere.

It has also become the plugin of choice for most of these guys that are making and selling sample and loop kits these days.


To answer the question “is Omnisphere better than Serum?”

I’ll begin to say that they are both excellent plugins, utilized by the right user they can make for great sound engines, but Omnisphere is a much better plugin that Serum simply because of the variety that it offers.

This can be attributed to the fact that Omnisphere has become one of the most popularised plugins,

It stands out and has a great library of different categories of sounds; it might be an expensive option, yes.

But any person that has had the experience of using both plugins can point out why Omnisphere is worth the amount that it costs.

Furthermore, music production is all about sounds, and you have to invest in having the right and proper libraries to be able to work around different genres and different ideas.

To top it off, music production has become so digital based and hence having a massive library of sounds will do a lot of good for your work.

Serum is also a great plugin and I recommend it for anybody that is interested in sound design or is looking to get started, they should consider this plugin.

Both plugins have a great of things to offer and you will find that they offer a lot of different amazing things independently.

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