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Is Omnisphere Better Than Nexus?

Omnsiphere and Nexus are great plugins when comes to music production,

deciding which is better than the other usually comes down to how well it can fit your particular production style.

This post will give you brief insight into both these plugins and the reasons as to why you’d typically pick one over the other.

Omnisphere is better than Nexus and many other plugins because it is a diverse plugin that is fit for all genres, Nexus is limited due to the fact that it is an EDM plugin with fewer sounds compared to Omnisphere.

with that said let’s get into both these plugins and understand them a little more and a little better.


Omnisphere is one of the most versatile and most comprehensive tools available on the market.

Developed by Spectrasonics, Omnisphere comes loaded with over 12,000 sounds which give the user more than enough choices to pick from.

This diverse library of sounds includes a significant number of real instruments including the glockenspiel, pipe organ and flamenco guitar etc.

Another great quality that makes Omnisphere a far much better option than Nexus is the ability to import and modify your own sounds.

At its very core, nexus is a Rompler VST which means that it only has Read Only samples that are not editable by the user.

In addition, Omnisphere has a diversly expanded synthesis engine that gives full control to users that prefer to apply modifications to their sounds.

Plus, the high resolution interface is user friendly

which allows even the most basic beginner to have a crack at it without being intimidated by its look.


For the purposes of this article I’ll explore the newest version of Nexus which is Nexus 3.

Nexus 3 is a way better version as compared to the nexus 2.

The developers have done a great job in diversifying the sounds and giving nexus a whole new look.

Nexus 3 boasts of having a fairly new library of sounds that are not available in the previous version,

plus a detailed arpeggiator that gives the user cool nuances to spice things up.

The effects modules have been revamped to give flexibility in enhancing pre-existing sounds.

What strikes me as mostly interesting about Nexus is the fact that they offer various expansion packs that the user can easily purchase on their site.

This can improve and give the user more sound options depending on what they want to make.

What is Omnisphere good for?

Omnisphere will deliver variety and diversity to any genre,

therefore the simple answer to this question is All Genres.

The creators of this amazing tool have outdone themselves by providing the user with limitless possibilities.

It is popular in Electronic music but

will work just as well in other genres and will perform just it does in EDM.

there are infinite possibilities because Omnisphere allows you to import your audio and modify it to your particular taste.

Which gives it limitless application for both users that simply want to use it for sounds and those that wish to add nuances to their own sounds.

Is Omnisphere 2 worth the upgrade?

Omnishpere 2 is definitely worth the upgrade and will definitely bring a lot of variety to your sound library.

The price for upgrade may be steep for some people but you should not focus on the price but rather focus on the value that you’ll get by upgrading.

Plus the upgrade allows you to import your own sounds which is a step up and gives you an opportunity to take your sounds to even greater heights.

purchase Omnisphere 2 HERE.

How large is the Omnisphere library?

The omnishpere library consists of 14,000 sounds which makes it a large library.

In as much as a diverse library may be great, the most important thing is the quality of the library.

Omnishpere is definitely a high quality top tier vast library that will give you every tool you need to create any genre of music.

Compared to Nexus 3, Omnisphere is a way better choice for both diversity and library depth.

Do I need Omnisphere?

in this day and age? Definitely.

having the current and modern tools is what you need to stay in the game and have a competitive edge.

But, essentially it will come down to the user preferences, some people like to sound design, some people like to use ready made sounds and etc.

if you’re one of those people that need a diverse library with ready made sounds and a good enough synthesis engine,

you might want to go ahead and purchase it.

it is available on Amazon!.


Omnisphere is a way better Plugin choice compared to nexus.

Nexus is a Rompler VST with high quality sounds that can be used in a variety of genres but it is no match for a Sampler VST with over 14,000 sounds and a creative synthesis engine.

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Is Omnisphere Better Than Nexus?

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