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Month: April 2021

How Much Do Video Game Composers Make?

Game developers always seek to find the best possible music for their video games. The music pay rate they decide to settle for will generally depend on factors like the experience of the composer, the quality, complexity and nature of the work. Music compositions and sound account for an integral part of video games, on […]

Should You Go To School For Music Production?

Music production is one of those career paths in which some of the most successful people have no formal education. Granted, it is highly technical, but you’ll discover that the majority of the best selling and highly recognised  music producers have no educational background in music. This then leaves the question: Should I go to […]

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Music Producer?

Being a music producer is considered one of the toughest jobs because it involves a lot of work that may require ones full attention. This is true for most main stream producers that are signed to labels working full time as well as independent producers working with no label. While it maybe an involving job, […]

Top 7 Sites You Can Sell Stock Music On

Stock music is basically any music that can be licensed to be used in TV, Film, YouTube Videos, radio and other media. The content creation market has exploded over the years with the rise of various media publication tools like social media. This has therefore created a demand for stock music that can be used […]

What Is The Difference Between A Beat Maker And Producer?

One of the most misunderstood concepts in the music production world is the difference between a beat maker and a producer. To clarify the difference between a music producer and a beat maker I’ll say this; A beat maker is primarily specialized in making beats and selling them or giving the away to artists, a […]

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